His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Ganapati Sachchidananada Swamiji visited Vijayawada for the first time in December 1969. From then onwards he was visiting Vijayawada three to four times a year. In the year 1975 His Holiness Sri Swamiji started the Ashram in Seetharama Nagar, Patamata and it was registered as Sri Ganapati Sachchidananada Gnana Bodha Sabha. Bhajans, Satsangs and discourses have been regularly taking place in the Ashram since then.

On 16th February 1981, the Kshipra Ganapati temple consecration took place through the hands of His Holines Sri Swamiji in a grand way.
Ganapati temple Ganapati Temple

Kshipra ganapati means one who fulfills all desires of the devotees instantaneously. The Ganapati idol here is not only big but also very attractive. The stone that was selected for carving the idol had unique features and the sculptor was also a great upasaka (seeker) of lord Ganapati. He sculpted the idol with great devotion and dedication. After completion he attained spiritual bliss and left the home (as informed by His Holiness Sri Swamiji).

The trunk of this Ganapati idol is turned towards the left side, which is a unique feature according to the mantra shastras. In bestowing prosperity, health and victory this God acts very fast as proclaimed by the shastras. In tune with this His Holiness named this Lord Ganapati as Kshipra Ganapati (One who bestows boons instantaneously).

A few devotees witnessed at the time of consecration that His Holiness Swamiji stood beside the Ganapati idol in solitude and was chanting rare Beejaksharas (Seed Letters) and demonstrating beautiful gestures (Mudras) with the hands thus, energizing the idol. Lord Kshipra Ganapati has been showering his grace on the devotees, seekers, and visitors who approach with reverence and has been responsible for the gradual development of the temple and the Ashram. Devotees from far and wide come and seek darshan of the Kshipra Ganapathi to fulfill their material and spiritual desires. This temple is always thronged with devotees right from 5.30 a.m. in the morning when the Abhishekam (Holi Bath) to the lord starts and till the final prayers of the day (Mangala Arathi).

Special Prayers for the safety of the vehicles and the passengers are also performed here. Devotees perform a rare seva to lord Ganapati in the form of decorating the idol with different items like Haridra (Turmeric powder), Kumkum Sandal paste, Rudrakshas, Lemons, Vegetables, Laddus, modakas, ash, etc., to fulfill their desires. At times Lord Ganapati is also decorated with Gold & Silver armour (Kavacha) in the night.

In the year 1984 the Navagrahas (Nine Planets) consecration took place. People perform pujas to individual grahas of their desire.


Vinayaka Chaturthi (Bhadrapada Sudda chaturthi) : Fourth day in the brighter half of sixth month of the Lunar Calendar.

Sankatahara Chaturthi : Fourth day of the darker half of every Lunar month.

Anniversary of Ganapati Temple consecration.


Ksheerabhishekam: Nitya Pooja
Undralla Seva - 7:00 AM, 10:30 AM, 6.30 AM (Salt): Nitya Archana
Ashtottaram: Saswata Pooja

Datta Temple Datta Temple

His Holiness Sri Ganapati Sachchidananada Swamiji an incarnation of lord Dattatreya took the divine determination to consecrate sixteen Dattatreya temples relating to the incarnations of Dattatreya. In that lineage the fifth Kshetram namely Anagha Devi and Syamakamalalochana Dattatreya was consecrated in Vijayawada Ashram on 10th February 1989 in a spectacular way.

This Syamakamalalochana Dattatreya incarnation took place on the 12th day of the brighter half of the month of Kaarthika on Wednesday and at the time of Sunrise when the birth star was Revathi. This incarnation has greater aspect of Shiva. This principle bestows peace and knowledge. As the incarnation took on the Twelfth day this signifies that he is the giver of Bhukti. Here Wednesday signifies that he bestows prosperity in business. Star Revathi signifies that he bestows Valour and happiness. Association with Anagha Devi signifies that he bestows prosperity to the family. Therefore, his Dhyana Sloka :

“Akhandadwaita rupaya, Nirgunaya Gunatmane
Krishnaya Padmanetraya, Namosthu Paramatmane.”
Meaning: I salute to the great lord Paramatma (Almighty) who is infinite and beyond all differences and is having a form and also formless state, one who bestows auspiciousness through his black lotus like eyes.
Such a divine entity that grants the material and the spiritual wants of the seeker has been consecrated in Vijayawada by His Holiness. Many people do not know that lord Dattatreya who is famous, as an Avadhoota has also got a householder like incarnation. In that form his name is Anagha Swamy. His consort is Anagha Devi, who is none other than Goddess Lakshmi. The worship of this divine couple is performed in Anagha Vratham, a special ritual that was proclaimed for the first time in Krita Yuga by Lord Dattatreya himself to the emperor Karthaveeryarjuna and was propagated for worship by one and all without any difference of caste and creed, thus creating a golden era. These secrets are embedded in Datta Purana composed by Sage Vyasa. After the consecration of Anagha devi and Syamakamalalochana Dattatreya, Sri Swamiji ensured that Anagha vratham took place in Vijayawada Ashram every day. With this development the ashram thronged with the followers of Ganapati as well as Dattatreya.

Every day Dasoham (Food for the poor people) is performed at 12:00 Noon.